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Reduce Your Rescue Dog's Anxiety

Are you excited about bringing your rescue dog home? 

You should be!  But keep in mind, this will be a major change for your dog, possibly causing your canine to be anxious during the transition.

Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can help your dog adjust to a new home.  These remedies include pet hemp oil and chamomile. 

If you would like to see a short video on how chamomile and hemp oil benefits rescue dogs,visit Tara from rescue iz love and her adorable Pitbulls🥰.

Otherwise, keep reading to learn about them!  

Pet Hemp Oil

Hemp oil, which comes from the cannabis plant, can help your dog overcome anxiety. There is no need to worry about your pet experiencing the psychological effects caused by marijuana.  Although marijuana’s THC gives users a high, hemp oil does not have THC, making it safe for your furry friend.

So, if you want to help your dog settle into your home without anxiety, try this trustworthy and effective treatment.  We recommend using an organic pet hemp oil product.


Chamomile is another natural remedy that offers many benefits to dogs.  Some benefits include:

  • Soothing inflammation
  • Relieving digestive distress
  • Calming anxiety


When moving your rescue dog into your home, chamomile’s anti-anxiety properties might be just what your four-legged friend needs.  Its mild sedative effects will help reduce your dog’s stress and anxiety while your pup gets used to living in a new home.

dog anxiety relief

And if your dog’s anxiety leads to digestive problems, like gas or bloating, chamomile can resolve those issues too.  After using this effective remedy, your canine’s tummy will feel much better.

Our Chamomile Chews contain hemp oil for maximum anti-anxiety effects.  When chamomile and hemp oil join forces, your dog’s anxiety doesn’t stand a chance! 

Although you can’t forget about the need to show extra love and patience while your dog adjusts to your home, pet hemp oil and chamomile are also incredibly helpful for making this transition a smooth, stress-free process.

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