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The Top Five Large Breed Dog Toys

1 - EETOYS Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

You’ll find the term “aggressive chewers” used a lot around large dogs, and there’s good reason for that. Large dogs often possess a great deal of strength, and their toys need to be up to the task of standing up to a large dog’s chews. This EETOYS offering looks just like a bone (in the “Marble Red” and “Curious Bone” colors) and is guaranteed to be nearly indestructible. It’s made of nylon, which is a non-toxic material that stands up well to a great deal of chewing. This toy comes in a variety of other colors and includes a lifetime guarantee.

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2 - AMZpets Dog Toy Set for Large Dogs and Aggressive Chewers

large breed dog toy rope

This is actually a set of toys that claims to be nearly indestructible dog toys, making them perfect for large, strong dogs. These strong ropes will withstand force and time to last your pupper a very long time. The toys are safe and made with natural cotton fiber, and they are washable. These and other chew toys help relieve pet anxiety so they won’t chew up your belongings; they’ll just focus on their very durable toys.

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3 - Volacopets 5 Different Functions Interactive Dog Toys

large breed dog toy 5 pack

This particular toy comes in different variety packs, including one for medium and large dogs. Each pack comes with five balls to add variety to your dog’s playtime. These toys don’t have any plastic in them, meaning they are safe for your dog to chew to his or her heart’s content. There are squeaky balls, toys to fill with treats, rubber balls and rope toys as options. This variety pack ensures that you will have whichever toy your pet is in the mood for.

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4 - Chuckit! Dog Ball

large breed dog chew toy chuckit ultra ball

Sometimes, your dog is just in the mood for a game of fetch. These balls come in packs with different size options that you can tailor to your pet’s size and preference. These balls are extremely bouncy and are made using a textured surface and rubber core so aggressive chewers won’t destroy it. More importantly, the material is easy on your dog’s mouth, meaning he or she can chew it without fear of injury.

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5 - Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy

large breed dog chew toy barkbone pet qwerks

This is definitely a fun one. These are the kinds of bones you might see in cartoons, but this kind is nearly indestructible and intended for your dog. This toy is made in the United States and comes in four different large sizes and two different flavors depending on your pet’s preference. It helps massage your dog’s gums and work the teeth, and it’s recommended for bigger dogs.

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Whether you’re looking for a rope, a bone, a treat toy or just a ball to chuck around, we have you covered. Any one of these toys will be perfect for your pupper; try them out and let the fun begin!