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Top 5 Quality Dog Playpens

We really love our dogs, but alot of the times, they are running around the house breaking cups and plates. It’s very challenging to keep pets under control. Whether it is in the dead of winter, springtime showers, or in the midsts of heatwave summers, it might be unrealistic to take our pets outside.

An indoor playpen is essential.  We need our pets to have enough space to play, but not wreck the whole house.  There are so many on the market, it only makes sense that we help you drill down a solid choice in a quality dog playpen.

We came up with a list of the best playpens after weighing factors such as size, materials, and portability. Without further ado, here are Valerio Paws' Top 5 Quality Playpens

1 - North States Super Yard Color play 8 Panel Pen

Playpens for dogs from North States Industries is a win-win, as it has six plastic panels, and 26 inches high. The entire pen comes with a carrying strap. In terms of it being sturdy, this playpen is lightweight and hard to pull apart or break it. Therefore, you shouldn’t get concerned about your pup destroying it sooner.

2 - BestPet Metal Wire Playpen

The BestPet Metal Wire Playpen has an ideal height making it both safe and sturdy for both small and large pups’. At just about $32, it is not a budget-wrecker, meaning it’s affordable and convenient if you need to order it anytime. Coated with a durable coating to reduce rusting, this playpen was built to last.

3 - IRIS 24″ 4-Panel Pet Playpen

Utilize this playpen to train you dog, or you can buy add-ons to create more spacious area for a large dog. Coupled with rubber stoppers at the bottom of the panel, it would be hard to slide it around the house when your dog is playing. So, with IRIS playpen, your dog will remain confined and safe inside. Available in multiple colors, it is up to you to choose the color that complements your home. Once your pup outgrows the playpen, you can fold the panels flat for easy storage.

4 - Unleashed Pets Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

Available in both medium and large sizes, this playpen incorporates all the essential elements you might need while going around with your dog. With metallic mesh sides, you are assured that your dog is safe and visible, whether at a park or in a car.


5 - Richell’s Convertible Playpen for Dogs

Richell’s playpens have been designed with considerations of indoors and outdoors in mind .This is made possible with a completely water-resistant framework. You can purchase one of these with 4 or 6 panels, which are 29 inches wide and 35 inches in height. Similar to other playpens discussed, this design can either be broken or integrated into a much bigger or smaller playpens for your pups. Overall, customers seem impressed with this brand. However, due to its higher price of $ 177.5, it is possible that the most appropriate choice would be to go for a much cheaper ones or slightly expensive for better results.