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Senior Dogs and Hemp Oil: Can it Help?

As we have discussed before, hemp oil comes from a special strain of Cannabis. You may be concerned with toxicity or ‘psychoactive’ properties. But, hemp oil is a healthy, legal way for you to care for your pet naturally. And, it’s not psychoactive so your pet will not ‘get high’ from taking it. 

If you have been reading our blog here at Valerio Paws, you have already read the above statement. We will restate this many times throughout our blog for those who are just entering. 

Hemp Oil for Senior Dogs

Hemp oil may help your senior dog significantly if he is suffering from any type of pain or inflammation. Dogs (and cats) who suffer from persistent pain, chronic conditions, cancer, arthritis, and/or mobility issues have been found to benefit from hemp oil being added to their diet.

Reducing Traditional Pain Medications

Scientists have conducted research which has given them reason to believe hemp oil may actually enhance the activity of traditional pain medications. What’s this mean? It means if your dog (or cat) is taking narcotics to improve her quality of life, she may be able to reduce her dosage by adding hemp oil to her diet.

Talk to Your Veterinarian

Before changing your dog’s diet in any way, you should speak with your veterinarian. Although hemp oil is available without a prescription, your mind may be put at ease by speaking with your vet and determining if hemp oil is a good choice for your unique dog (or cat). 

If your family veterinarian isn’t experienced in alternative medicine, you should consult an alternative medicine veterinarian. You can find one by clicking here.

What’s an Alternative Medicine Vet?

Veterinarians who specialize in alternative medicine, or holistic medicine, determine the best combination of both traditional and holistic therapy for your unique pet. 

Alternative vets take a look at the whole picture. They look at the full spectrum. And, based on your dog’s ‘personal profile,’ they make recommendations as to what they feel would be best for her (and for you). 

In addition to understanding traditional and holistic medicine, many alternative veterinarians are also knowledgeable in general nutrition, stress, anxiety, genetics, and many other factors which may be taken into consideration when determining what is best.


As per usual, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us!

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